I am Suzie B. Anthony. Many of you have studied me in high school history. Some may have gone to a college with a center or studies program in my name. Most of what you remember about me is true, but for those that are new to the Suzie B. Anthony experience I lived much of my life in Rochester, New York and fought for women’s suffrage which included the right to vote. There is a rumor going around that I died before women were guaranteed that right with an amendment to the Constitution. That’s not true at all. I just got tired of the spotlight and thought my work was done.

Two years ago I returned to public life to once again protect the city I love. The Susan B. Anthony neighborhood was under threat by a developer with a poor track record. Crime is rampant on his properties and he makes no effort to improve the community. He wanted to demolish a historic church a few blocks from my house and build a Dollar General in its place. These stores are known for attracting crime and devaluing communities. My community has been devalued enough. So I fought back and won. I don’t plan on retiring any time soon. There is a lot of work to be done in my favorite city and I’m just the lady to do it.

Suzie B. Anthony